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23 years of experience
We are experts!

We transport what you need where​​ you need!

Where others encounter difficulties we find efficient and fast solutions. We have simplified imports and exports for over 23 years for thousands of people and companies.

Paola Álvarez, Watt's.

We have been asked why we do not work with other shipping companies and the truth is that we want speed and sincerity and CTM always delivers this to us. All their services are excellent "

José Luis Lavin, Maltexco.

In a complicated year for the shipping world, where, beyond the value of freight, the equipment and spaces in the ships have been scarce, through CTM Chile SA we always receive the support and quality information from the maritime freight market that we need to anticipate changes.

Lo que dicen nuestros clientes

Are you interested in our services?

Transporte de Contenedores.

Asesorías Aduanera.

Transporte de Cargas



Seguros de Transporte.

Corretaje de Nave.

Traslado de vehículos y efectos personales para Embajadas y Consulados.

Horario de atención

Lun-Vie: 9am - 19:00pm

Prat 827  Of. 702

Valparaíso, Chile

Tel: +56 32 221 3014

Tel: +56 32 2215193

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